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Pain Management

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University Pain and Spine Center

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Consider enrolling in pain management if you’re among the more than 50 million Americans who experience chronic pain. At the University Pain and Spine Center, with offices in Murray Hill, New York City, and throughout New Jersey, the pain management specialists offer complete pain management, including cold laser therapy, interventional injections, and surgery. To request a pain management consultation, call the nearest office or book online today.

What is pain management?


Pain management is an internal medicine subspecialty that diagnoses and treats chronic pain. Everyone experiences aches and pains occasionally, but if your symptoms last three months or longer, it may indicate an underlying medical issue. Early intervention and treatment can reduce uncomfortable symptoms and improve your quality of life. 

What types of issues might benefit from pain management?


At the University Pain and Spine Center, the team uses pain management to treat various issues, including:


  • Arthritis
  • Automobile injuries
  • Cervical radiculopathy
  • Complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS)
  • Headache
  • Herniated discs
  • Lower back pain
  • Pelvic pain
  • Sciatica
  • Spondylosis


You might also benefit from pain management if you run or play sports and experience an activity-related injury.

When should I consider pain management?


Consider enrolling in pain management at the University Pain and Spine Center if you experience pain in any part of your body that doesn’t improve with at-home treatments, like rest, ice, or anti-inflammatory medication.


That’s especially true if your symptoms persist, worsen, or keep you from activities like work or exercise.

What happens during a pain management consultation?


At the University Pain and Spine Center, a pain management consultation begins with a review of your medical records and a discussion of your symptoms, including when the pain started, where it occurs, and if it’s worse during certain activities.


Next, the team completes a physical exam. They check the area for bruising, swelling, or redness and run a series of tests to check your muscle strength, flexibility, and range of motion. The team also orders diagnostic imaging like X-rays, CT scans, or an MRI to look for fractures or dislocated joints.


After determining the cause of your pain, the team makes treatment recommendations. 

What treatments does pain management offer?


At the University Pain and Spine Center, the team offers various types of pain management. Depending on your symptoms, they might recommend:


  • Lumbar epidural steroid injections
  • Radiofrequency ablation (RFA)
  • Lumbar sympathetic nerve blocks
  • Peripheral nerve block
  • Radial nerve block
  • Cold laser therapy


If minimally invasive treatments don’t provide relief, the team might recommend surgery. The University Pain and Spine Center surgeons regularly perform traditional open and minimally invasive orthopedic surgery.


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