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Stem Cell Therapy for Avascular Necrosis of the Hip


This therapy treats dying bone tissue in the head of the femur. Cells from your own body are used to help the femur heal.

To begin, you are anesthetized. The surgeon uses a needle to collect a sample of your bone marrow. This sample is processed to collect its stem cells. These are special cells that help your body repair itself. The concentrated stem cells are drawn into a syringe. Next, the surgeon makes a small opening in the side of your hip. With the help of a video x-ray device called a "fluoroscope," the surgeon pushes a guide wire into the head of your femur. A small hole is drilled along this wire. The stem cells are injected into this hole. They will trigger your body's healing response. They will promote the growth of new bone tissue to strengthen your femur. After the surgery, you are watched in a recovery room. Your surgeon will tell you when you can go home. Follow your surgeon's advice for a safe recovery.