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Spine Stabilization System (DYNESYS®)


This minimally-invasive surgical procedure treats chronic lower back or leg pain by stabilizing damaged or misaligned vertebrae with specially-designed screws, spacers and cables. The flexible DYNESYS® system is an alternative to spinal fusion. It aligns and supports the spine while still allowing some flexibility and movement. The surgery takes two to three hours to perform.

After anesthesia is administered, the surgeon creates one or two small incisions on the lower back to access the spine. After evaluating the spine and, in some cases, clearing bone or disc material that is pressing on nerve roots, the surgeon inserts titanium pedicle screws on both sides of the vertebrae being treated. The screws pass through the rear of the vertebrae and anchor deeply into the vertebral body. The surgeon inserts spacers between the pedicle screws. The spacers hold the vertebrae in proper alignment, preventing improper backwards, forwards and side-to-side movement and instability. A strong, flexible cable is passed through the spacers and pedicle screws and pulled taut to complete the system. The cables will limit but allow some forward bending of the vertebrae. The incisions are closed and bandaged. The patient may leave the hospital after a brief hospitalization, typically ranging from one day to several days. Recovery will take several weeks.