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This non-surgical procedure relieves chronic pain with an injection that promotes the natural healing of injured tissues and joints. The limited blood supply and poor healing properties of ligaments, cartilage and tendons make treatment necessary after injury



Conditions aided by Prolotherapy include whiplash, chronic lower back pain, and joint problems such as chronic tendonitis and sprained ligaments and tendon. A mixture of concentrated dextrose, composed of natural compounds and anesthetic, is injected into and around the injured tissues. The injection tricks the body into responding as if a new injury has occurred. This attracts cells that specialize in repairing damaged tissue. These cells include fibroblasts, which create the collagen used to strengthen and rebuild any damaged tissue. Prolotherapy patients are able to go home the same day, and should avoid taking any anti-inflammatory pain medications (aspirin, ibuprofen and naproxen). Full recovery from inflammation usually occurs within one week of the procedure. Additional treatments may be required to ensure complete healing of the injured tissues.