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Percutaneous Disc Decompression (Stryker® Disc Dekompressor®)


This is a procedure to treat a herniated disc. That's a bulging disc in your spine. Getting rid of the bulge can relieve pressure on your nerves. It can relieve pain in your lower back and your legs.

To start, the skin of your back is numbed. The doctor inserts a needle called a "cannula" through this numbed skin. A video x-ray device called a "fluoroscope" helps guide the cannula into your bulging disc.The doctor puts a special probe into the cannula and pushes it into your disc. When the probe is turned on, the tip spins. It removes small parts of the center of the disc. This relieves pressure inside the disc, reducing the bulge. When the treatment is done, the probe and cannula are removed. Your skin is bandaged. You will be watched for a brief time, and then you can go home. Your doctor will give you tips to help you heal.