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The Vertiflex™ Procedure:

Treatment and pain relief for Lumbar Spinal Stenosis (LSS):

When simple activities such as walking or standing become a burden, you may find relief from leg and back pain with the Vertiflex Procedure. The Vertiflex Procedure is a safe, minimally invasive treatment that has been clinically proven to provide effective long-term relief from the pain associated with LSS. A small spacer is placed inside the spine without removal of any nearby bone or tissue. Once inserted, the spacer’s arms open around the spinous to help make proper space for the affected nerves. The spacer preserves the space in the spine, which keeps pressure off the nerves that cause leg and back pain.

The Vertiflex Procedure was developed with patient safety and comfort in mind. Its minimally invasive approach is preferred among many doctors across the United States. General anesthesia is not required and there is minimal recovery time, getting you home the same day. The spacer is designed to support your existing anatomy and does not require removal of bone or tissue, making it a safe option for LSS treatment.