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About Nevro HFX

The Senza System is a family of three spinal cord stimulators (Senza®, Senza IITM and Senza OMNIATM). In July 2021 the FDA approved HFX for Painful Diabetic Neuropathy as a non drug solution. The SenzaTM System approval was supported by clinically superior outcomes in the Senza Randomized Clinical Trial (RCT). Clinical evidence showed that 92% of people with PDN reported high satisfaction, and 62% reported a reduction in sleep disturbance due to pain. HFX is a parathesia independent treatment that relieves pain delivering Nevro’s proprietary 10 kHz Therapy. The reason HFX is so effective is that it uses a very mild imperceptible pulses at a high frequency (10 KHZ) to quiet the pain-causing nerves.


Patient Testimonial Videos: