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Will Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery Alleviate Your Back Pain?

Will Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery Alleviate Your Back Pain?

If you have back pain, it can affect your quality of life almost every single day. Temporary pain is one thing, but daily pain can cause you to miss out on activities, planned events, and getting out and about in general.

At University Pain Medicine Center, we’re a team of physicians with expertise in back pain. Though surgery may sound daunting, minimally invasive spine surgery might be your solution.

Your spine comprises many interlocking bones (vertebrae) and intervertebral discs that keep your back moving smoothly. The nerves that travel along and through your spine can cause pain in your back. To get the relief you need, sometimes surgery is the best choice.

Minimally invasive spine surgery explained

To perform minimally invasive spine surgery, we make smaller incisions when compared with traditional, open surgery. This lowers your risk of harm to nearby muscles and your other tissues. It can also lead to less pain, and you can recover faster.

Once we make the small incisions, we insert a tube-shaped tool to create a tunnel to the targeted area of your spine. This tunnel allows us to put small tools through it to do the necessary work. We also have a microscope that casts real-time X-ray images to a monitor, giving us a clear view of your spine.

This surgery allows us to directly access the root of your back pain. 

How to know if you’re a candidate

Not all patients with back pain need surgery. However, minimally invasive spine surgery might be the right choice if your back hasn’t improved after other treatments like physical therapyepidurals, or medication.

This type of procedure can help those with the following:

Minimally invasive spine surgery can also be the best method for removing a tumor from your spine.

Benefits of minimally invasive spine surgery

Not only is the goal to alleviate your pain, but the overall surgery itself offers many advantages, such as:

We also monitor your progress throughout your recovery to ensure the success of your procedure. Our goal is to help address the root cause of your pain and help it heal so you can enjoy your life again.

If you have persistent back pain and haven’t gained relief from other treatments, call us at one of our six locations in New Jersey. You can also use our online scheduler as a convenient option.

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