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Why PRP Is the Gold Standard in Pain Relief

Why PRP Is the Gold Standard in Pain Relief

As advances in the medical field continue, cutting-edge treatments like platelet-rich plasma (PRP) offer some of the most promising results for pain relief. It has become a well-known therapy for healing your body. 

More and more people have been turning to PRP therapy because of its many benefits. Our board-certified team of physicians offers this treatment method at University Pain Medicine Center to help heal your injured joints and reduce or eliminate your pain.

PRP explained

PRP comes from your very own blood. To create the treatment, we take a small sample of your blood and put it in a device called a centrifuge. The machine spins your blood at an extremely high rate of speed, which separates the solids from the plasma (the liquid portion of your blood). 

We then collect the platelets, which are growth factors, and mix them with some of the plasma, creating a concentrated solution known as platelet-rich plasma (PRP). Our last step is to inject the PRP into the targeted area.

PRP is a low-risk procedure that typically doesn’t have any side effects. 

How it works

The platelets in your blood secrete various growth factors, which stimulate the production of your blood vessels. When we deposit the concentrated PRP to a damaged area in your body, it releases proteins that provide a significant healing boost to your injury. 

For painful joints, PRP increases the production of fluid that lubricates your joints, which eases the pain of friction. 

For injuries, the concentration of proteins in the PRP accelerates healing because of its growth factors. If you’re an athlete, choosing PRP can help you get back in the game sooner than later because of the fast healing process.

Results can last for six months or longer.

What studies show

A recent study showed that PRP offered significant positive changes in knee osteoarthritis patients (KOA). In another study, receiving a single PRP treatment for KOA proved far more successful than receiving a corticosteroid injection, which is known as one of the best treatment methods for pain and inflammation.

At our practice, PRP therapy isn’t just for knee pain. It can treat various conditions, such as damaged or injured tendons, ligaments, muscles, and more.

Though much more research is needed, PRP continues to grow in popularity because of its proven results, how long it lasts, and how safe it is. 

To learn more about PRP, schedule a consultation with our medical staff. Simply call our friendly office staff today or check our website for appointment availability at one of our six locations in New Jersey.

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